Naturehike 2 persons camping air mattress

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Product description

Handmade, Moisture-proof, Portable, Inflatable Camping Air Mattress


1. Rhombus design, better support and ventilation, comfortable and easeful;

2. Made of double layered fabric, outer is nylon TPU, and inner is TPU sealing coating, wear-resistant and waterproof;-

3. Double layered air valve, single inflation and quick deflation;

4. Just about 1kg,ultralight and portable, easy to carry and store;

5. The inflatable bag is not only a storage bag of mat, but also a waterproof bag.

6. The unique air-cell design provides better comfort and insulation and support your body far from the cold ground.

How to Use:

 1. Open inflatable valve and air bag

2. Press the air bag on the inflatable valve

3. Roll up the opening of the air bag

4. Press air bag to push air into mattress

​Package include:

  • 1 mattress and 1 air bag

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