Elephant Sprinkler Bathtub Toy

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Product description
  • ❤️‍🔥Turning Bathing into a Game!😛
  • The cute🐘 elephant toy will keep your❤️🧒 kids distracted as you wash them while the gentle stream will help you clean them easily without frightening or hurting their little heads.❤️🧒
  •  Best water spray bath toy ever!❤️‍🔥
  • Elephant 🐘sprinkler bath toy is made of durable plastic materials and cute bath toys.
  • ✅Excellent for baby shower and party favors, great gift for Birthday.
  • ✅Electric Shower Bathtub Toys: Cute elephant shape, realistic lotus sprinkler, clouds nozzle design toy makes children's bathing time more interesting.
  • ✅Just tap the baby elephant's belly gently, and water keeps spraying.
  • ✅360 ° Rotatable Shower: 360° angle adjustment, two water outlet methods, large water output. electric circulation, circular water output, all-round waterproof.
  • ✅The battery compartment is sealed and waterproof. The back suction cup can be adsorbed on flat and curved surfaces.
  • ✅This cute elephant design would surely attract your kid's attention and make the bath time more fun and interesting.

✅Non-toxic: safe for children.

✅Safe: The whole elephant body is very smooth, won't hurt the baby's hands and     fingers, play with no worry.

✅ Nozzle small hole fine: uniform water, comfortable grip.
  1. Note: this toy need 4* 1.5 AAA batteries
  2. Please don't put the elephant's head in the water.
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